The Cabin

Your friends Ash and Linda are lost in the woods.
Will you dare to enter the cursed cabin
to find them?

The gift of Emotion!

Surprise them with our gift pack La Cabaña.
Give the most immersive horror adventure in the Canary Islands and make it even more perfect with our exclusive merchandising.

The Cabin

Escape Room / Horror

75 min.2-4 pers.Esp |Eng

Go deep into the darkness of the forest and rescue your friends from the terrible threat of the abadonde hut.


Llave Escapop Escape rooms & adventures

An adventure every day

The legend goes that, since the beginning of time, there has been a race of adventurers among us with extraordinary powers, who can change the world with their imagination. Using logic and emotions, they have faced the greatest mysteries and challenges of history and have deciphered for us the keys of human evolution. Delving into the darkest secrets is just a pastime for them. Well-known persons such as Aristotle, Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Magellan or Tesla are ranked among these heroes.

Now your adventure begins! Accept the Escapop challenge!

We have opened Pandora’s Box. New enigmas and dangers have been released for your entertainment. With our new escape room in Tenerife, we want to put you to the test. We want to know if you also belong to that elite group of the brave and if you have the wit and wisdom to overcome our devilish riddles. Recruit your friends, workmates or family, and show us what you are made for the adventure.

But… what is an Escape Room?

You still don’t know about the group activity which is all the rage worldwide?  You don`t know what an escape game or escape room is?

Basically, it is the most exciting brains and logic test in the world.  It is a real challenge played in small groups, usually between 2 and 5 persons, in which liaison and the sum of skills of the team members is of utmost importance.

But that’s not all! Click on the link below and discover all you need to know about escape rooms.



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Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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