General rules for escape rooms


How can I book?

  • Reservations during business hours can be made via:
    • booking page
    • WhatsApp message to 922 006 048
    • Call to 922 006 048 (prefer the previous two options as we cannot take calls while a group is playing).
  • To ensure correct scheduling of sessions, the booking system does not accept reservations with less than 16 hours prior notice. For last minute reservations, please contact us via phone or WhatsApp (922 006 048).

Minors and other specific conditions

  • Every game is different. Read carefully the conditions and recommendations of each game before booking and if you still have questions, you can call us or send us a Whatsapp, we will be happy to help you.
  • In some games such as La Cabaña it is mandatory that there is a person of 18 years or older in the group, since minors cannot enter alone. The adult will also count in the calculation of people in the group for the reservation.

Changes, cancellations and refunds

  • You can change or cancel a booking with up to 16 hours’ prior notice by phone, WhatsApp message or e-mail. We recommend sending WhatsApp for greater immediacy, especially if it is about last minute changes.
  • Reservations paid on-line cancelled with 16 hours’ prior notice will be offered a change of date and hour, or a gift voucher for the amount paid which can be used at a later date (valid for up to 180 days).
  • No more than three date changes will be accepted per booking.
  • Each reservation carries management fees, so there is no option to refund the amount paid in advance for reservations. Nor will the amount be refunded in the case of not having read or correctly understood the conditions, rules or recommendations of each game or of failing to comply with the orders of the members of the company.

Changes in number of players

  • Providing the minimum and maximum number of players is not exceeded, modifications can be made in the reservation.   
  • Whenever the new number of persons is lower than that originally booked, the amount paid on-line cannot be refunded. In case of doubt, it is preferable to book for a smaller number of people and pay the difference later if necessary.
  • Whenever the number of persons is increased, the difference can be paid on arrival.
  • Please notify us of changes in the group as soon as possible.

Punctuality and admission

  • Please arrive ahead of time: In order to ensure the flexibility of the sessions and punctuality, we recommend you arrive 10 minutes ahead of the booked time. There is no waiting room, so if you arrive too early, we may not be able to assist you until the booked time. However, just across the street from our Escape Room there are a couple of pleasant cafés where you can wait.
  • Delays up to 10 minutes will be discounted from the adventure time.  Plus, if the delay exceeds 10 minutes, we cannot guarantee entry as the adventure may overlap with later bookings. In this case, the booking will be considered cancelled and there will be no possibility of refund. We therefore urge you to contact us via WhatsApp or phone as soon as possible if you think you may be delayed.
  • For safety reasons, Escapop staff may refuse entry to anyone suspected of being drunk or otherwise intoxicated or who does not meet the conditions for carrying out the activity with due respect and safety for themselves, for others or for the Escape Room. Plus, the right of admission to «La Cabaña» is reserved in compliance with the framework of the general regulations for Casa Grande Surf Hostel premises.

Before you go in

  • Use the bathroom before entering. Once the adventure begins, you cannot be excused.  
  • If you arrive early, do not knock on the door. Temporarily, and owing to Covid measures, we will come out to welcome you at the door of the Casa Grande Surf Hostel (next door), where you will be sanitised before entering the room.

Security systems

  • The rooms are equipped with video surveillance systems to follow the game and for safety reasons.
  • Players must always follow the instructions of Escapop staff.  
  • In case of emergency, the room has emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and an emergency button to release the doors, but these may only be used if necessary.
  • Any player may decide to leave the adventure in advance for any reason, although it will mean that he or she cannot re-enter.

    Regulations in the Escape Room

    • No mobile phones, cameras and other devices taken into the Escape Room may be used. All you need can be found inside.
    • Do not force, push or bang on furniture, walls and props. If a drawer doesn’t open, for example, it may be because there is no need to open it or because you need to find another way of opening it.
    • Do not tamper with security or electrical systems inside the Escape Room.
    • There is nothing hidden behind or under the furniture, nor overhead or under the floor. Do not climb on any piece of furniture or open floor hatches.
    • Non-compliance with these regulations or with the instructions given by Escapop staff will signify the end of the game without right to refund.


      Players must follow the following rules:

      • Do not reserve or cancel the reservation in case of having tested positive for coronavirus or suspecting that it could be, or if you have been in contact with a positive in the last week before the game.
      • Hands should be disinfected with hydroalcoholic gel and footwear with bactericide before entering the game.
      • Although Royal Decree 286/2022, of April 19, establishes the non-compulsory use of a mask indoors, the use of an approved surgical or superior mask (UNE0064 or UNE0065) will continue to be mandatory in common areas and recommended during the game, especially if the players are not living together.
      • The use of the bathrooms is prohibited except in the strictly necessary cases and the entrance will be individual, except in the case of people who need assistance.
      • The game will end if improper behaviors are detected that violate hygiene measures such as spitting, removing the mask, etc.

      The establishment, in turn, takes hygiene and disinfection measures in accordance with the provisions of regulations and the advice of the Spanish Association of Live Games Escape Rooms (AEJEVER), such as:

      • Disinfection of playing materials and contact surfaces after each session.
      • Ventilation of the premises between group and group.
      • Daily general cleaning.
      • Have disinfectant gel both at the entrance and inside the room.
      • Control measures and action protocols in cases of contagion.

      *These rules may change at any time due to changes in the incidence of the disease and the legal applications in force at all times. In case of doubt, consult our staff.

      Other frequently asked questions

      How long does it take?

      The designated time for “The Cabin” is 75 minutes.

      Is it scary?

      Yes. Fear is always subjective and depends on each individual, but the experience is designed to create feelings of insecurity, mystery and terror.

      Are there any actors inside?


      Is it dangerous?

      Even if the décor and setting would suggest it is, the Escape Room is no more dangerous than any other normal room. As in any other premises, there are high voltage systems that should not be tampered with, and you may trip or bang against things if you run or make improper use of the objects in the room; however, if you follow regulations, there should be no problem.

      Is the game suitable for children?

      No. The game is designed exclusively for adults on account of its plot and setting. However, children aged over 10 years old can play as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

      Is the room adapted for a wheelchair?

      Unfortunately not. The building and certain accesses in the room are not adapted. In regard to other types of reduced mobility, please, check before booking.

      Is language a problem?

      Our game is in English and Spanish. If you speak any of these languages, you will not have problems. If not, you may find some difficulties because you have to read and listen.

      What happens if a group member can not come or if someone joins at the last minute??

      As a general rule there will be no problem as long as the group remains between 2 and 6 people. In the event that the person who made the reservation cannot come, the rest of the group must provide the reservation details. Anyway, we recommend that you let us know any change in advance.

      Is it possible to play with large groups?

      If there are more than 4 persons, the game will have to be done in turns. If you are looking for another type of experience for larger groups, you may be interested in our Crime and Mystery Dinners (spanish only).

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