General rules for escape rooms


Reservations and cancellations

  • Reservations during business hours can be made through the website, through Facebook Messenger or directly in the store “A lo Grande” which is in the same location of our escape room.
  • The reservation system of does not accept appointments less than 24 hours in advance. For last minute reservations, you should contact us through Facebook Messenger or directly at the “A lo Grande” store. Although there would generally be no problem, we can not guarantee reservations made in this way.
  • Exceptionally reservations may be accepted outside of business hours, for which you should contact us through the contact form on our website or Facebook Messenger. In any case, the acceptance of this type of reservations is not guaranteed.
  • Reservations can be canceled at any time via Facebook Messenger.
  • In the case of having paid in advance an adventure, if you want to completely cancel the appointment and it is not possible to change it for another time, you must notify at least 12 hours before the time of booking. Otherwise we can not make any return. In any case, the management of the company will decide the most efficient way to make each return for the client.


For last minute or after hours bookings or to report any incident with your reservation, please contact us through Facebook Messenger:

Punctuality and admission

  • Please, arrive a little before the date (approximately 10 minutes before) to be able to introduce ourselves and explain the rules of the game. Unfortunately we have not a waiting room, so if you arrive too early we may not be able to accommodate you until the scheduled time. However, just in front of our location there are a couple of very nice restaurants where you can wait until the hour of adventure.
  • As a courtesy, we can wait up to 10 minutes after the appointment time in the case of delays, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to assist you after that time. In this case, the appointment will be considered canceled and a new reservation must be made. For this reason, is a good idea to contact us via Facebook Messenger if you anticipate that you may be late.
  • For safety reasons Escapop team members can prevent entry into the game to people who suspect they are intoxicated or in any other state altered or do not meet the conditions necessary to carry out the activity with guarantees of respect and safety for themselves as for other people or for property. The right of admission is reserved according to the framework of general rules of the facilities of Casa Grande Surf Hostel.

Security and rules within the room

  • The rooms are equipped with video surveillance systems. A gamemaster will be following the progress of the game at all times.
  • For safety reasons, the door will be open at all times, but if you leave the room before the end of the game you will lose. So, if you need the bathroom, now is the time to go.
  • I will be following the game via the security cameras.
  • The room has a screen indicating the invocation percentage and some clues to help you with the puzzles. If you feel lost, you can raise your hand and I will give you a clue.
  • Mobile phones and external tools may not be used inside the room. Everything you need is inside.
  • Do not force, push or bang on furniture, walls and props. If a drawer doesn’t open, it’s because you need to find a way to do it or maybe because it will never be opened.
  • There is nothing hidden behind or under the furniture, nothing overhead, under the floor. So you don’t need to climb on any piece of furniture or open the floor hatches.
  • The room has some props which are not part of the game and are only there as décor. If you see any with a red sticker, it’s because it is not part of the game.
  • The fire extinguisher, electrical and plumbing, plugs and switches are real and are not part of the game; therefore, you have not to manipulate them.


  • Last, but not least, have fun!

Other frequently asked questions

Is it scary?

There are some aesthetic elements of terror and the ambience of the room and the story is somewhat dismal, but if you can not have any problem. The only thing that should be scared is being locked up and in reality you are not.

Is the game suitable for children?

The game is designed for adults because of its difficulty and its setting. However, children from 10 years old can play as long as they are accompanied by an adult every two children.

Is the game adapted for a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. However, a person with reduced mobility could plays our game, although with some limitations. Please, check before booking.

Is language a problem?

Our game is in English and Spanish. If you speak any of these languages, you will not have problems. If not, you may find some difficulties because you have to read.

What happens if the person who made the reservation can not come?

If the rest of the group shows up there will be no problem. Anyway, we recommend that you let us know in advance.

Is it possible to play with large groups?

Soon we will have available escape games for large groups, although at the moment we only have a room for up to 6 players. If the number of people is greater, they have to play the room in turns. If you are looking for another kind of experience, ask us about our Mystery Dinners.

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