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75 min.

2-4 PERS.


Your friends Linda and Ash are lost deep in the woods of Raven Creek, where the legends say all kinds of strange things happen. Their track has led you to an old abandoned cabin.
Will you dare to enter?

What is The Cabin Escape Room?

The Cabin Escape Room (Tenerife), is an immersive horror experience with real actors in which you must interact with the environment and delve into history to discover its secrets and escape alive.

As in any escape room, The Cabin is full of puzzles and enigmas that you must solve in cooperation with your team, but you must also know that the setting is a living, changing entity, where you will feel the presence of other beings.

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This is a highly shocking horror experience.

Access is not recommended for impressionable people, with heart or mental problems, claustrophobia or anxiety, pregnant women or minors (in any case minors must be accompanied by an adult).

Entry to people under the influence of alcohol or other substances is prohibited.

You are not allowed to eat or drink or the use of mobile phones, cameras or other electronic devices.

You must follow the instructions of the staff at all times.

The use of closed footwear is recommended.
You should not run.


The Cabin F.A.Q.

How long does it take?

The designated time for “The Cabin” is 75 minutes, not including the introduction.

Is it scary?

Yes. Fear is always subjective and depends on each individual, but the experience is designed to create feelings of insecurity, mystery and terror.

Are there any actors inside?


What is the difference between Mystery mode and Horror mode?

The main difference is that in Horror mode there will be some more tense scenes and the actors can come out to give scares at different times, as well as other small changes in how the plot unfolds. But the story is the same in both cases and the dark and scary atmosphere will still be present in both cases.

Is there physical contact?

There may be occasional physical contact from the actors, but it will not be the norm.

Is it dangerous?

Even if the décor and setting would suggest it is, the Escape Room is no more dangerous than any other normal room. As in any other premises, there are high voltage systems that should not be tampered with, and you may trip or bang against things if you run or make improper use of the objects in the room; however, if you follow regulations, there should be no problem.

Is the game suitable for children?

The game is designed exclusively for adults on account of its plot and setting. However, children aged over 10 years old can play as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Is the room adapted for a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. The building and certain accesses in the room are not adapted. In regard to other types of reduced mobility, please, check before booking.

Is language a problem?

Our game is in English and Spanish. If you speak any of these languages, you will not have problems. If not, you may find some difficulties because you have to read and listen.

What happens if a group member can not come or if someone joins at the last minute?

As a general rule there will be no problem as long as the group remains between 2 and 6 people. In the event that the person who made the reservation cannot come, the rest of the group must provide the reservation details. Anyway, we recommend that you let us know any change in advance.

Is it possible to play with large groups?

If there are more than 4 persons, the game will have to be done in turns. If you are looking for another type of experience for larger groups, you may be interested in our portable escape room “Zombiez“, Crime and Mystery Dinners (spanish only).


2 players:


3 players:


4 players:


What they think of The Cabin

I’ve played many escape rooms and this one will definitely stick in my memory as one of the better ones. Even though it’s a scary escape room, it’s scary in a fun way. I’m impressed about how much effort was put into the whole setting!!


Incredible experience. A lot of attention to all the details (decoration, performance of the characters and quality of the games) Super recommended!

Marco D. B.

I ENJOYED in a superlative way… it is not easy, adrenaline to the top! The setting is very good, worked with care, you can see the love and work from behind that they have done and I can only congratulate them.


The experience was 10. The puzzles, the tension, the setting, and the game in general are incredible. I’m not a big fan of horror experiences, but I loved this one.

Ana G.

Google: 5 estrellas
Tripadvisor: 5 estrellas

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