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Mystery Hunters

You are mystery hunters and you’ve spent days on the tail of an ectoplasm which has led you to an abandoned warehouse.

According to your investigations, a sinister occultist called Grax is building some sort of machine to open a gateway and usher in beings from another dimension.

Covered by the darkness of night, you enter the warehouse and discover that Graz’s machine is already ticking and that the sinister shadow known as Valnaxar is about to enter our world. You have only 60 minutes to reverse the process before the gateway opens.

Mystery Hunters” is the first Escape Room in El Médano, Tenerife.

This is a mystery and science fiction game with supernatural traits. The staging and the story have been designed to be sinister, but this isn’t a game of terror, so you shouldn’t feel frightened…at least, not much.  However, if any member of the team wants to give up, he or she can leave the room at any time.

This game has been designed primarily for adults given the plot and the difficulty of the puzzles, but kids aged over 12 can also play, providing there is one adult for every two children.

If you have any doubts, you can consult our FAQ.

What people say about this game:

Great! A fun and thrilling experience. Suspense right to the last minute. It’s great that there’s an Escape Room at last in El Médano.

To start, you’re completely stressed out – you’re even a little bit frightened. But when you finish, it’s an awesome feeling.

Difficult and original puzzles, great staging, an addictive story… I’ll be back!

I went with friends from university and had a great time!!! 100% recommended if you want something different.

They had a great time:

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